Event Room Rental

To Rent the Event Room:

The event room is only available to MLMA residents.

 Click here to contact the onsite manager to check the availability of the desired date.

Submit an Application for the Use and Rental of MLMA Community Center to the clubhouse office along with the $400 security deposit to secure a date. Reservation will not be booked without a completed application and security deposit.

Single Event Insurance REQUIRED - No less than one month prior to the scheduled event, the event payment and proof of single event coverage are due. If these are not received, the event will not proceed.

The hourly rate is $75. You must calculate set-up and clean-up in your time.

See below for the Rules and Regulations governing the event room.

Scheduling is on a first come first serve basis.

To ensure proper staffing, the event must be scheduled a minimum of one month prior to the event date.

 The event room is only available to MLMA residents.

New Event Room Rental Insurance Requirement

As of April 1, 2022

Residents wishing to rent the event room at the clubhouse must now provide a Certificate of Insurance, adding Manchester Lakes Master Association (MLMA) as an additional insured to their single event insurance policy for the date of their scheduled event. To meet the new requirements of the MLMA insurance policy, we cannot host any events without this certificate.

 The minimum additional insurance we require is $1 million for each occurrence/ $2 million for general aggregate. Your insurance company can email this directly to sitemanager@manchesterlakes.org or you can drop it off at the clubhouse during regular business hours. This insurance must be purchased by the renting resident and must be submitted one month prior to the event date, or risk cancelation.

 This coverage is also known as Event Coverage or Single Event Coverage. If your insurance provider does not offer this coverage, there are many options available online.

Event Room Policy

Policy Resolution 2016-01

A. Use of Community Center for Parties, Events, and Other Activities

i. Procedures, Rental Fees, and Deposit

1. Rental Application and Identification: Only valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders may rent the Party Room. Valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders interested in renting the Party Room must complete an "Application for Use and Rental Agreement" ("Application"). Attached as Exhibit A is a copy of the Application. A current Facilities Pass must be presented with each Application. Lot Owners who have relinquished their facility privileges through a lease agreement for their Lot with an Assignment of Facility Privileges Form filed in the Business Office are not eligible to rent the Party Room or use the Community Center and Facilities unless approved by the Board or Site Manager.

2. Application Deadline: All Applications must be submitted to the Business Office at least one month in advance of the requested rental date and must be accompanied by the security deposit described below. Personal checks are accepted and must include the valid MLMA Facilities Pass holder's name and address within the Master Association. Applications submitted less than one month in advance of the requested rental date must be approved by the Site Manager directly for purposes of scheduling staff and must include full payment of the rental fee and security deposit in the form of a certified check or money order. Submission of an Application does not guarantee use of the Party Room on the requested date; the Application must be approved first.

3. Areas Included in Rental Booking: The exclusive areas included in the Party Room rental are the Party Room and the kitchen only. The Party Room rental does not reserve the exclusive use of the lobby or the restrooms. The rental agreement does not include use or access to the wraparound rear deck, pools, grills, sports courts or tot lot. No outdoor space may be reserved.

4. Cancellation Policy: Written notification of cancellation must be submitted to the Business Office at least fifteen calendar days prior to the rental date in order to avoid a cancellation fee. If the cancellation notice is received in writing to the Business Office at least fifteen calendar days prior to the rental date, the security deposit and rental fee (if applicable) will be returned in their entirety. Any cancellation notices received less than fifteen calendar days from the rental date will incur a 100% forfeit of the security deposit. All rental fees received (in excess of the required security deposit) will be returned in the event of any cancellation.

5. Rental Fees and Security Deposit:

a.      Rental Fees: Rental fees are to be determined by the current rates set by the Board. Rental fees are subject to change without express notice. Rental fees are due no later than one month in advance of the rental date and will be immediately deposited upon receipt. Checks are to be made payable to MANCHESTER LAKES MASTER ASSOCIATION. There will be a $50.00 service charge for checks returned by the bank. The rental fee will not be refunded under any circumstances other than cancellation described above in Article II.A.i.4 of this Resolution.

b.      Security Deposit: The rental date will not be reserved until the full security deposit of $400.00 is received and the Application approved by the Site Manager or other personnel designated by the Board. Security deposits must be paid by check or money order and must accompany an application. The security deposit is refundable provided the Community Center is returned to its pre-rental condition and all other rules described herein have been complied with. Deposit refunds or portions thereof will be mailed to the valid MLMA Facilities Pass holder's address within twenty-one days after the event. There will be a $50.00 service charge for checks returned by the bank.

6. Partial Refunds Related to Early Departure: Partial rental fees will not be refunded for early departure from the Community Center.

ii. Rules and Regulations

1. The Party Room may be reserved only by a valid Facilities Pass holder and only for private events.

2.  Reservation requests shall be accepted on a first-come, first-served, space available basis. Rentals are limited to one event per day unless prior written approval is given by the Site Manager. Reservation requests shall be logged by the Business Office Staff and marked on a calendar maintained in the Business Office.

3.  The valid MLMA Facilities Pass holder whose name is on the rental application ("Applicant") MUST be present throughout the entire event, which includes the pre-event and post-event inspections. The Applicant (and Master Association Lot Owner, if the Applicant is a tenant) is responsible for the conduct of the guests and is liable for all damages including any amount exceeding the security deposit. If the Applicant is not present for the pre- inspection, the rental reservation will be cancelled. If the Applicant is not present at any time during the event for which the rental reservation was made, the rental will be cancelled, all guests will be required to vacate the Community Center and the Applicant may lose the privilege of renting the Party Room for a period of up to two years.

4.  The Applicant is responsible for all exclusive rented areas, Party Room and kitchen, and may be held responsible for usage areas which include the foyer and restrooms. The Party Room is rented "furnished"; none of the furniture is to be removed without prior written approval of the Site Manager or other personnel designated by the Board. At no time shall the large screen television be moved.

5.  Applicants may only submit one rental Application at a time and will not be eligible for a second rental until the first rental has concluded or been cancelled.

6.  All exclusive rental areas, Party Room and kitchen, must be returned to pre-rental condition. If the party is held during the closed hours of the community center, then the foyer and restrooms must be returned to pre-rental condition.

7.  Trash and recyclables must be secured and taken out to the designated dumpsters. Clean plastic trash bags will be provided by the Master Association, and must be used in all trash cans during the event. Use of paper bags or boxes to discard trash is prohibited.

8.  The kitchen is available for use including the refrigerator, microwave, stovetop and oven.

9.  Smoking is permitted on the rear deck only with use of the cigarette urns located on the deck.

10.   All exclusive area floors, kitchen and Party Room, must be swept and damp mopped. If the party is held during the closed hours of the community center, then the foyer and restroom floors also must be swept and damp mopped.

11.   There must be clear access to all emergency exits at all times. During Pre-Inspection, the staff will make known to the Applicant the location of the fire exits and fire extinguishers. The Applicant is responsible for knowing the proper use of the fire extinguishers.

12.   Decorations are permitted on tabletops and balloons must be tied to chairs or weighted on table tops. Absolutely nothing, with no exception, is permitted on the ceiling fans. No decorations are permitted on walls, doors, or wooden frames unless secured with the use of '3M Removal Strips'; this is the only approved product for use on the walls, doors, and wooden frames. All decorations installed on any walls, doors or wooden frames that cause damage will result in loss of the security deposit.

13.   Excessive noise, abusive or unacceptable behaviors resulting in complaints may result in an immediate cancellation of your event and the right for future parties may be revoked. The Fairfax County Noise Ordinance will be enforced.

14.   Music must be kept at a moderate level. The Party Room doors and windows, including doors to the  outside deck, must remain closed at all times. Music is not allowed outside and may not be amplified  from the interior of the Party Room to the exterior. Live Bands and DJs MUST cease playing by 11:00 PM within closed doors and windows. Stereo equipment may continue to play at a moderate level until 12:30 AM within closed doors and windows. If decorations, auxiliary lights or sound equipment are contemplated for use during the reserved time, the Association shall be notified at least three days in advance of the reservation date. The Master Association reserves the right to inspect the decorations or equipment by representatives of the Fairfax County Fire Department or a licensed electrician. Any fee for such inspection shall be paid by the applicant.

15.  The Applicant and his/her quests shall not congregate outside the Center at any time during or after the event.

16.  The Applicant is expected to request that event attendees leave the premises in a quiet and orderly fashion. No shouting or loud behavior in the parking lot is acceptable. The Applicant and all event attendees are required to observe all County, State and Federal laws, ordinances and codes, including noise ordinances and obtain all appropriate licenses including, but not limited to, a license from the VIRGINIA DEPARTMENT OF ALCOHOL BEVERAGE CONTROL if required. A copy of any required license must be provided to the Business Office at least two business days prior to the event. The Master Association shall not be liable for the Applicant's failure to obtain the proper licenses. The Applicant shall not charge attendees any fees of any sort for admission, food, alcohol or any other service to include products, political donations or cash bars. The Applicant, by submission of the Application, agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Master Association, the Board and directors, Master Association officers and the Master Association Management Agent for any claims, damages or costs that arise from the Applicant's failure to obtain the proper license. Under Virginia law, failure to obtain the requisite alcohol license may result in criminal prosecution.

17.  If the Applicant is a Bride/Groom who is sponsoring their own reception, the Applicant must designate a responsible person to represent them for the "pre" and "post" inspections of the facility if they will not be available.

18.  All events must end, with clean-up completed, and the Community Center vacated no later than 1:00 AM on Friday and Saturday, and no later than 10:00 PM on Sunday through Thursday.

19.  In the event the nature or purpose of an event changes from that listed on the Application, the Applicant is responsible for notifying the Site Manager or other personnel delegated by the Board through an updated Application for re-approval. Any additional rental fees must be included with the submitted Application.

20.  Any damage(s) noted from an event will be itemized and funds deducted from the security deposit.

21.  Applicants may use the tables and chairs provided by the Master Association. Tables and chairs brought in by an outside vendor may be delivered the day of the event and must be picked up no later than 11:00 AM the following day.

22.  A designated Master Association representative is permitted, but not obligated, to attend all events and functions only in a manner to ensure compliance with the Master Association rules and regulations including, but not limited to, this Resolution.

23.  An Applicant reserving the Party Room shall neither advertise the event being hosted at the Community Center nor charge persons attending the event at the Community Center.

24.  The number of persons in attendance at events held in the Party Room is limited to 80.

25.  All gambling, including the playing of bingo, is prohibited in the Party Room unless games are conducted by a "qualified organization" as defined in Section 18.2- 340.22 of the Code of Virginia.

For the purpose of this Resolution, "bingo" shall be defined as: A specific game of chance played with (i) individual cards having randomly numbered squares, (ii) electronic devices that display facsimiles of bingo cards and are used for the purpose of marking and monitoring players' cards as numbers are called, or (iii) cards for which prizes are awarded on the basis of designated numbers on such cards conforming to a predetermined pattern of numbers selected at random.

26.  Master Association Lot Owners remain liable for the use of the Community Center by the Lot Owner's tenants, guests, invitees, licensees, employees or agents.

27.  Non-compliance with any of the above rules will result in a loss of security deposit.

28.  The Site Manager will recommend to the Board when exceptions to the above rules are deemed necessary.

29. Anyone or any organization found not to be in compliance with this Resolution will have their event canceled and future use of the Community Center   will be restricted and security deposit will not be returned.

B. Use of Community Center by Neighborhoods

i. Neighborhood Meetings

1.    Each Neighborhood Association may reserve the Party Room for up to eleven monthly meetings and one annual meeting without charge. Meetings must be scheduled on a weeknight (Monday —Thursday) and the Community Center must be vacated no later than 10:00 PM. An annual calendar is maintained in the Business Office for recurring meeting dates. Changes to any meeting reservation must be made at least two weeks in advance of the proposed meeting to allow for staffing adjustments.

In the event a Neighborhood Association needs to schedule additional meetings outside of the meetings outlined above, the Neighborhood                 Association will be charged based upon the Party Room rental fees established by the Board at that time. A Neighborhood Association or an                Officer, director or Managing Agent must submit an application for any additional meeting outside of the meetings outlined above.

2.    The Master Association will reserve the desired times of Neighborhood Association meeting on a monthly basis for the entire calendar year. Additionally, the dates and times of all Neighborhood Association meeting reservations will be published in the Master Association newsletter and posted on the website and events board.

3.    Any changes or cancellations to the scheduled dates and times shall be made with the Site Manager or other personnel delegated by the Board as soon as practical by an Officer, director or Managing Agent of a Neighborhood Association to facilitate notification of any interested parties. Rescheduling of dates is possible on a space availability basis.

ii. Neighborhood Association Social Events

1. Each Neighborhood Association may reserve the Party Room for one social event per year without charge, on a space-available basis — all other applicable provisions of this Resolution otherwise apply and govern the use of the Community Center for Neighborhood Association social events.

2. In the event a Neighborhood Association needs to schedule additional events outside of the permitted social event or meetings limit outlined above, the Neighborhood Association will be charged based upon the Party Room rental fee rates established by the Board at that time.