MLMA Facilities Access (Key Fobs)

To Receive Your Facilities Key Fobs(2) 

In 2022, MLMA introduced an electronic key fob access system for MLMA facilities including the fitness center, the clubhouse, the pool, and eventually the sports courts. Each household will receive 2 electronic key fobs upon application. OWNERS may order up to an additional 3 fobs (5 maximum per household) for a fee of $25 per fob. Key fobs require 24-48 hours to be activated upon application approval.

YOUR KEY FOBS ARE YOUR POOL PASSES. Your fob must be present to use the facilities.

How do I get the application for my 2 electronic key fobs? 

Members(Owners) can log into the CommunityPro Residents’ Portal and download this application from the Information Center. Application forms are also available from the MLMA clubhouse office. If you need help registering for the CommunityPro Residents’ Portal, call the MLMA clubhouse office between 10am-5pm at 703 922 2912 or email Jen at

How do I submit my application?

1)     Applications may be submitted IN PERSON to the office Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm. You may complete the application and bring along all supporting documents and you will receive your passes and fobs, OR

2) Application completed and signed (by both owners and tenants if privileges are being assigned) and all required support documents (do not send government-issued ID via email) may be submitted by email to and you will receive an email notification when the passes/fobs are ready. ** ID required for pick up**


Documents required:

A)  Completed Application Form

B)  OWNERS: A legible copy of an ID that matches the name on the deed (this will be checked against the CommunityPro Homeowner register) must be presented at the time of pickup (do not send government-issued ID via email). Applications with unreadable or non-matching identification will not be approved.

C)  OWNERS: If you are relinquishing your facilities access to your  TENANTS, a copy of the CURRENT LEASE that clearly states the tenant's name(s).

D)  TENANTS: Presentation of a valid ID at the time of pickup (do not send government-issued ID via email) that matches the name(s) on the lease provided by the owner.

E)  AUTHORIZED AGENTS: If you are a Property Manager signing on behalf of an owner, a copy of the Management Agreement OR if you are a Designated Agent you must be listed as such on the lease.