Fitness Center

Gym renovations in the planning process. New equipment has been ordered. However, we can not move forward with this work until the drainage project has been completed. Currently, when it rains hard the gym floods. This is the reason the two treadmills are out-of-order.


Fitness Center Policy

Policy Resolution 2016-01

The Master Association Fitness Center ("Fitness Center") is intended for the use and enjoyment of valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders who have read and signed the "Fitness Center Use Agreement" attached to this Resolution as Exhibit B. A maximum of one guest per valid MLMA Facilities Pass holder is permitted in the Fitness Center and must be accompanied at all times by a valid MLMA Facilities Pass holder.

All users shall use the Fitness Center and its equipment in a proper manner, shall read the equipment instructions prior to use, shall replace free weights to the weight rack after use and shall leave the Fitness Center in good condition. All equipment must be used in accordance with the manufacturers' instructions and recommendations,  which includes but is not limited to recommended age, weight and height. Users of the equipment are liable for damages resulting from their abuse, misuse, or negligent use of equipment.

Persons using the Fitness Center and Fitness Center equipment do so at their own risk. Users of the Fitness Center are responsible for obtaining medical clearance and advice before using the equipment in the Fitness Center. The Master Association and its agents, the Board and directors, Master Association officers and the Master Association Management assume no responsibility or liability for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or damage to person or property 

Valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders may bring a Personal Trainer to the Fitness Center for the purpose of instruction if the Personal Trainer has read and signed the MLMA Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form attached to this Resolution as Exhibit C.

A. Rules of Operation

i. The Fitness Center is open from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, 7 days a week with the use of a key located in the Business Office. Valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders shall have access to the key once they sign in and present a current facilities pass to the staff in the Business Office. The Board reserves the right to change the hours of operation by posting the hours in the Fitness Center.

ii. Persons using the Fitness Center must turn off all lights, fans and the TV if they are the last person to leave the Fitness Center.

B. Restrictions

i.     Pets are not allowed in the Fitness Center except for a service animal accompanying a person with a disability.

ii.    Fitness Center users shall be considerate of other users by keeping noise levels to a minimum. Audio devices (e.g., music players) and personal radios shall be used only with earphones that are kept at a low volume in order to avoid disturbing others.

iii.   Tobacco use of any kind is prohibited in the Fitness Center.

iv.   No food may be brought into or consumed in the Fitness Center. Non-alcoholic beverages contained in non-glass, spill-proof containers may be brought into and consumed in the Fitness Center — all other drinks are prohibited.

v.    No valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders may charge fees for personal instruction, or for conducting classes, in the Fitness Center without the prior approval of the Board. Any valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders providing such instruction as approved by the Board must sign a Waiver as required by the Board.

vi.   Users must wear appropriate exercise clothing in the Fitness Center, including rubber-soled athletic shoes. No weights, mats, or other equipment or furnishings may be removed from the Fitness Center at any time.

vii.  Mobile phone use in the Fitness Center shall be for emergencies only. All other mobile phone conversations shall be conducted outside of the Fitness Center.

C. Use of Equipment

i. Fitness Center equipment must be used in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Manufacturer recommendations are available in the Business Office and in the Fitness Center.

ii. Users of the Fitness Center must wipe off machines and benches before and after each use in order to sanitize equipment. Disinfectants are available in the Fitness Center for this purpose.

iii. All exercise equipment is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The use of cardiovascular machines is limited to 30 minutes, including warm-up and cool-down, while others are waiting.

iv.   All mats, free weights, and other movable equipment must be returned to their designated places after each use.

v. Free weights shall not be dropped on the floor, or handled in any way that will damage the weights or the floor.

vi.   All injuries or accidents that occur in the Fitness Center shall be reported immediately to the Business Office.

MLMA Waiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk Form

Copy of MLMA Trainer Waiver.pdf