Pool Rules

Policy Resolution No. 2015-03

Facility Pass

Use of the Manchester Lakes Master Association ("MLMA") Pool Facilities is limited to valid MLMA Facilities Pass holders ("Resident") and their guests. Residents must present their valid Facilities Pass in order to gain entrance to the Pool Facilities. There will be no exceptions to this policy.


Daily hours during Pool season (defined as Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day) are 11:00 a.m. through 8:00 p.m. Inclement weather and other conditions beyond our control may cause the Pool Facilities to close temporarily and without notice. Determination as to the closure of the Pool(s), based upon weather, mechanical and/or hygienic reasons shall vest with the Pool Staff and/or management in their sole discretion.

All persons utilizing the Pool Facilities do so at their own risk. Each Resident assumes complete responsibility and will be liable for themselves, their family and their guests. Manchester Lakes Master Association, Inc., will not be liable, nor assume any responsibility, for injury of any kind or for loss of personal property at the Pool Facilities.


All Guests must be accompanied by a Resident at all times. Each Lot (defined as a single Manchester Lakes address) is entitled to a total of four guests per visit. Youths 14 to 17 may have up to two guests only. Residents are, at all times, responsible for their guest's conduct. Guests will not be admitted in the Pool Facilities without a Resident. Guests are not to be left in the pool area alone.


Non-swimmers are not permitted in the Pool Facility unless accompanied by an individual who possesses adequate swimming capabilities.

Floatation Devices

Pool toys, rafts, floats, inner tubes, snorkels, etc. are allowed in the Pool(s) subject to the approval of the Pool Staff. Toys and hard items shall not be thrown within the Pool area. Items made of metal are prohibited. Parents using flotation devices on their child must stay within arm's reach of their child, The Pool Staff may, from time to time, at their sole discretion, ban the use of any device if, in their opinion, it presents an inconvenience or safety hazard to any or all persons


All persons are required to shower before entering the Pool(s). Any person having open wounds, nasal or ear discharge, inflamed eyes or any communicable disease may be excluded from the Pool Facilities at the discretion of the Pool Staff.


The Pool Staff is responsible for maintaining order and control at all times. Diving or flipping into the Pool(s), running, wrestling, pushing, shouting, spitting, gum chewing, throwing of objects to individuals entering the Pool(s) from the deck area or general horseplay in the Pool area will not be tolerated. The Pool Staff has the authority to order anyone who does not comply with these rules and regulations to leave the facility immediately. The lower Pool on weekends and holidays shall be deemed a quiet Pool prohibiting all loud noise and splashing.

Beverages and Food

Alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages and food in glass containers, are prohibited in the Pool Facilities. Food and beverage shall only be allowed and/or consumed on the gray eating deck.


Smoking is not permitted in the Pool Facilities.

Radio/Tape Players/ Portable Media Players

Patrons and residents may use personal radios, tape/cd players, portable media players and handheld game consoles with headphones only or the sound turned off.

Personal Items/Lost & Found

Personal items must be removed when you leave each day. The Pool Staff will not store personal items overnight. The Pool Staff will maintain a Lost and Found; items not claimed after seven (7) days will be discarded.


Proper footwear must be worn when entering the Pool Facilities and proper bathing suit attire must be worn in the Pool(s). Residents and their guests entering the Pool(s) who are not toilet trained or incontinent must wear a swim diaper. Diapered children must also wear a leak-proof outer layer.


No pets (except service animals) are allowed in the Pool Facilities. Wheeled vehicles, except baby strollers, wheel chairs and/or physical assistance equipment are not permitted in the Pool Facilities.

Fairfax County Regulations

Changes in Fairfax County regulations may dictate alterations to some of the rules and regulations detailed above.